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Thursday, January 29, 2009


it's 3 am in the morning and i felt like writing --[typing to be precise]. *sighs* im quite awake now, and i cant sleep.i'm TOTALLY done with homework..duh.hate it hate it.i'll just finish 'em off some time later i guess.. i dont feel like doing it now..hey,better dont read any further, im about to crap now, i know it.hmph.i dunno wht's gettin into me, i just dont.there's a mistake ive made, and i dunno how to put it right back again.maybe i dont really want it to be corrected, maybe i just wanna that thg to stay the way it is and be i?ugh..i dunno..drop it..its not a big deal anyway..well maybe it is..but..who cares.rite?nah, dont answer tht.urm..the holidays are passing by..i wish it'll be longer though..i really miss my family, fer one thing.and i wanna be with them as frequent as i possibly can.yesterday i wrestled with hamka..heh.tht's how ive noticed how much tht boy have grown up.he's a young man now..i barely noticed tht before..its the distance between the two of us fer these past few months making me appreciate him more i guess?yaaa :p one thing fer sure, he's taller than his big sister now.euw gross. ;D mom,dad..i love you two.more than anything..more than any other thing in this whole wide universe.i really do.i miss the life we had together before, 24/7.yes, indeed.but each and every single thing happen for a reason.rite?and i believe the reason is good.i want it to be so, i want to believe that it is, and i want it to worth my sacrifice.hmph.people, have your holiday, enjoy it, and hope mine will be as good as yours. :)



p/s : 01.06.07


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