Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear diary,

This so-called holiday…,

Ive lost the one thing that was once mine.

Im not going anywhere, sticking around; in my room, my toilet, my living hall, my dining table.ugh, they are not even mine. they’re dad’s.

add maths. don’t have any shrewd idea when to get started, even.

Dad’s having outstations, here and there. Mom.. on with something. Hamka.. stupid soccer. Me? Business as usual.

Bought vcds, couple of em each nite. Staring at the notebook trying to pretend they were pretty amusing. Mind, they are not pirated. Which means ive lost ‘bout 40 bucks each I even care? I guess not.

Im not allowed to sleepover at friends’. Partly because my dad’s not here, “in case anything happen” .

I have tuitions. GREAT! REAL treat.

All in all, cool holiday. kan?


p/s : 03.06.07


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