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Thursday, January 29, 2009

old woman's nag.

hear'e!hear'e! again, my heart wanna blabs.let her be ok?she wont be able to blog again fer quite a some time after this..hehe dont blame her XD day left. can u like...believe that,maresmawians? felt just like yesterday when i pulled off my luggages into the bus, sleeeeeeeeepin' all the way hoping that i'll just be awake when targeted destination reached.huahua.hmph.but then, that's that.and now im goin back to... that place.its not that bad there, its just that,its plainly not home.that's wht it felt OK when ure having fun there, it felt wayyy great.but at times, when ure lost,or.hurt.insecured.threatened.annoyed.starved. : the only thing on ur mind is to pack ur things up and get away from there.hmph,at times.

geez, thinkin bout it.hee.lights off.or else u'll get ur lampu pendarfluor cabutted.haha.annoyed ds kakaks and abengs, at how i'll turn my plate 360 degrees just to not gettin my dishes mixed up :D ok that's enough.

err, im fatter.and im gettin shorter.i guess.shorter?can it possibly happen?!. omg!
homeworks done.but if, just if, addmaths not counted.hee,instead of havin' to solve every single question in SIX chapters.ahem.I repeat, SIX chapters, i'd picked up the first twenty questions only.ahah, riteee.yeehaa yippee wee areeeeba ;D

i sayang my lilbro.haha.. i actually watched movies and laid my head on his shoulder. sobs.sweeet.cooool.damn im gonna miss that :(

fav dishes : crab soup,pidzass,raspberry icecream with caramel,chicky tandoori,sweet-sour-siakap,beef steak,kueh lapis horlickas and pandanias :D, SOUPS!! yummy XD. ive tasted all these things along tis 2-weeks-holidae.gagaga.mind u,they're all homemade.MOM'S.ure the best--- xoxoxoxo.thanks.'s 2.30 bedtime.
geez, toodles.


p/s : 05.06.07


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