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Thursday, January 29, 2009

embracing the eagle!


im leaving home. going back to thelovable maktab (haha).

to current maresmawians 0708 :
goodluck for all!!
especially to the candidates of spm'08.
it's going to bea tough year, i suppose.
but don't forget to smile.laugh.giggles.or havefun in whatsoever ways possible.
to theyounger ones,support us okay.
and to myfellow SRCs,chill.
fun things arewaiting *grins* :D.
see u all soon!

to everybody else :
wish me & my friends a happy goodluckfor 2008!
for spm, for debate, for src,for everything (:
the red red plane.the long lonnngggwalk. and the big big bag. :D
bye-bye everybody.
2008, here i come.

p/s: 30.12.07


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