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Thursday, January 29, 2009

it's me, heart.


there's just so many things I wish I'd do, so many things I wish I didn't. I miss the old people.

whoever you are, reading this, if there was ever a time from our past where we were in it together.. I miss you.

I'm sorry if we are no longer in contact. You know, humans. Sometimes we tend to forget things. but I didn't mean to.

my crime partner, my girls, my darlings, my sisters, my dear little ones.

I have the least idea where u are right now.. but people, your presence had shaped me in becoming what I am today. I owe you that.

Later in life, I hope we'll see each other again. the same people, in different arenas.

what will become of us all then,I wonder? as friends, or foes?

whatever it is, I would love to embrace you.

I would love to feel again the familiar wamth.

p/s : 26.05.07


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