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Thursday, January 29, 2009

ohh pathetic!

What will you do if;

you HAVE to do soooooooooo many things,but. .

at the same time you WANT to do soooooooooo many things?????????

I have to do my homework, my revision, my sejarah, my proposals, my sem-thesis, and blabla.
But then………………..

I WANT to indulge myself in kalogridis’s painting mona lisa, thbt schools can be the solution to social problems, Lorenzo the Magnificent, Rwanda’s Hutus and Tutsis, opposition coalition stories, s.ahmad’s memoir politik, genocides, and etc. (I want to know everything. waa)

yes, amrina.

My dear, I’m with u.

so many good things, so little time.

p/s : i am writing this, 22:10. currently insane and depressed. i have to do my biology notes on LOCOMOTION OF INSECTS. but i desperately want to know the whole story of how GIULIANO DE MEDICI was assasinated, 506 pages left. how pathetic could that be? :(

p/s : 11.03.08


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