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Thursday, January 29, 2009


squeezing my brain for a topic to secure, i find it relentless.

you see, ive always had 'things' in my head, murmuring and blobbing through, fighting their way out to form an idea. oooh. spooky. yikes.

sometimes i write it down, or share it with someone, sometimes i dont.

sometimes it's an endless string of jagged pieces of jigsaw missing, buried somewhere, waiting to emerge, chain-like. on facts, or even daily coincidences.

sometimes, it's like a play of rhythmic words and sentences bobbling along empty spaces, ready to be interpreted. words of poetry, or words of melody.

but there's the problem. interpretation.

every man is born with its own designated magnitude of creativity,
the thing that keeps a man apart from one another is one's attitude.

laziness. laid-back. unadventurous.

the thoughts, the musings, the voices, left unattended.

too humble, or too modest to let it out, to interpret. or maybe even too dumb?

acceptance of foolishness is ever greater than unknown brilliance.

sometimes, we swallow too deep on self-pity. what are we afraid of, actually?

ponder on this for a second - being fearless is not just taking risks on every single attempt made, but the consciousness of more important things than fear itself.( actually, it doesn't fit that well in this context, it's just a movie tagline i love :D)

i've lived a seventeen years of youthful beginnings. i never know whether i'll still be living for the next seventeen. basically, i'm still a young shoot.

but what i'm trying to say is, everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

i mean, it's okay to let your opinions being known, sometimes.

it's okay to write poetry, even if it doesnt rhyme.

its okay to be wrong at first, u'll figure it out somehow.

it's okay to make your own mistakes, you'll learn the justification of things.

i believe everyone has every right to express his mind, it's the order of life.

i love listening to people.

i love to know what other people have to say about.. anything.

anddd.. i love being listened to. like, reaaally.

a lesson that i've been taught? oh, and mind you, i'm still learning - is to be tolerance of others, rather than judgemental.

p/s : my mind is doing the wobbly-blobbly kinda thing again. ♥, lotsa love.


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