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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


buttons are adorable. well i think. maybe to some, it's just a round flat thing with teeny-weeny holes in the middle. for me buttons are interesting. have any idea why?

by the way, i didn't actually intend to talk about my weird inclination towards buttons. pfft.

ppsmi - i just don't get it why it has to be removed from our education system. well it haven't, but anytime soon the ministry will (depends on current frenzy). look, i know and im well aware those who are pretty tight against it right now are intellectual minds who have their own observations, analysis, etc etc.

for me - well, those kids are not as stupid as people thought they are. give them the chance to prove what they can do. what's wrong with struggling first? we'll never forget our roots. saya tidak akan pernah kelu bercakap dalam bahasa melayu, dan kamek sik kan lupak kelaka seghawak walaupun sikda sigek pun subjek nok makei bahasa ya. get it? its just that, it's difficult for me to accept the reason of eliminating ppsmi. incompetency of students from the rural areas? incompetency of the teachers? heh. go for solutions ppl, not excuses. ever heard of hard work?

p/s : sekejap itu, sekejap ini. pening la tukar-tukar. :D


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