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Sunday, February 8, 2009


- the second pillar of our Rukunegara

You know what, frankly said, I don't even bother who's in charge of the Government of Perak.
PR or BN, it doesn't really matter - as long as you do what a government should do, place the best interest of the state and its people on top of everything.

But I really don't agree with all these fanaticism.
Laying on the streets like some kind of moron and determined to race as who came first to the office?
To 'fight till the last drop of blood' doesn't seem to fit this context.
Derhaka, more likely.


Article 16 Clause 7 of the Perak constitution says, a member of the executive council other than the MB (Menteri Besar) holds the office at the pleasure of the Sultan. In other words, the MB cannot be dismissed.

Article 16 Clause 6 says, if he loses the confidence (of the majority) he must resign. So the gray area is what happens if he doesn't resign.

Well, if we look at these two separate provisions closely, they seemed to contradict, so one had to look beyond the Perak constitution and into the Interpretation Act, which states the power to appoint includes the power to remove.

So conclusively, in a situation where the person (MB) doesn't want to step down despite having lost (the support of the majority), the Sultan will have the power to remove.


Ketuanan Rakyat - is this what there are all about?
The right to give the Sultan your middle finger and pelt his prince's official car when you don't agree with them.
The right to accuse the HRH of "failing in thinking as a Ruler of his subjects"?
Does Ketuanan Rakyat means that you leave it to the Sultan to decide but defy him if his decision goes against you?
And profess "Daulat Tuanku" only if you think you can use the Sultan to fight for your political battles?
You better be kidding me.

You see,
Sultan Azlan Shah, our former Yang diPertuan Agong,
is a professional and he knows his law better.
He was the Lord President.

I think, sueing him, or even continue to defy him, is not just an act of treason. It's foolishness. No offence.

p/s : this is how i see it. peace.


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