niffira.nia's: flood!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


a day after heavy flood resided in miri around year 1996, i guess. haha. i remembered i tried like, really really really hard to scoop out water entering the car with my BARE hands. i remembered the sobbing, and how scared i am, thinking i'm going to be dead, drowned. ehehe.

ohh. and here was the 2007's flood in sibu. me and few 'others' were having the time of our life sitting on the back of the white hilux. ohh, sorry amoi. ;D

i LOVE the three-wheeled thingy. kesian apek ni kan? we wanted to give him a ride, but he loves his vehicle too much.

the mat sallehs DID waves at me. ahh, amused? hahaha.

p/s : each time i ever experienced flood, it'll be in none other place but there. hah. oh, and btw, sibu's experiencing flood now. sobs. i wasn't there this time.


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