niffira.nia's: result?

Friday, February 27, 2009


'malas la nk fikir. enjoy la dulu!'

'scary la. tukar topik weh.'

'wei. ko rase-rase la kan.. btul tak eksperimen bio kalau aku buat..........'

'da agak da! mesti salah! habis la. sure gagal punye.'

'aiyooooo. saya tak mau pikir la!'

'tawakal je. we've done our part.'

see? so many responses to just one easy question - "HOW'S SPM?"

whew. electrifying.
and don't even ask me when the result's actually coming out - i dunno.

what i do care right now is just to keep on praying, and hoping, from HIM.

yes. hoping for the best, preparing for the worst (how worst could it be!).

so, well, i'll try my hardest to keep myself occupied. it'll come, sooner or later, insya-Allah. and when it does, i better be ready. i just wanna come out of it alive, you know. haha. tahpape je.

and ohh, the idea of being back to langkawi makes me tick!


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