niffira.nia's: quite a lesson.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

quite a lesson.

Actually, it's the first official lesson of guitar for me, but I've been to the music academy several times before. A one-to-one tutoring with a young chinese guy, gosh. He played amazing solos and i just lulled in my own thoughts whenever he plucked the strings for a few love songs' melodies. And he's nice. Very nice. Not to forget flawlessly good-looks and a smile of perfection, hahaha. A little exaggeration there, but who cares. He hadn't got any clue who the hell is taylor swift though (is that possible! :D). He taught me how to play romance de amor, fingerings, chords, etc. Well, the basic stuff. However - at one point, as i listened to the beautiful soft melodies played around me.. I can feel my eyes burnt. And wet. I don't think he noticed. I hope not.


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