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Friday, June 12, 2009



I can see stars. @.@

I didn't fell back sleeping after subuh today. Now now, it's a big deal, at least for me. Hehe. :)

Since my morning was so lengthy, and I didn't catch a breakfast too, my oh my am I hungry or whatttt! I ate apples, I thought they ought to be enough. Pheww, luckily they were.

Anyway, Chemistry IB was pretty exhausting. It's Atomic Structure this morning, and it could be much easier without those Electronic Configuration based on Aufbau Principles. Basically it's about electron arrangement of the Form 5 syllabus, but with extended subtopics and stuff. The problem I had was with the configurations though, since no explanation was given in the study guides on how to actually construct it and on what basis, only examples and a few alternatives were included. Well, I guess I have to wait for a teacher. Oh, and by the way, though I doubt you're a reader of niffirania, thanks a zillion Kak Jannah for handing down your IB books to me. It'd been a month or so now, and I hope you don't mind some of my doodles here and there, it's just some old habits I couldn't shake off. Thanks to Kak Hikmah, too. You two have no idea how you guys inspired me. HEHE. I mean, even writing down my names there beneath yours as the new proud owner had done a great deal you know. Knowing one is currently in her third year in Dublin, and another will come along to the same place InsyaAllah - I want to follow suit. :)

Other than that, of course, the books certainly help, for now. I have this 'thing' of writing notes you know, because apparently, I discovered before that my comprehension of certain (well, mostly) new informations is greatly compromised by extraction of the source onto a simplified output. Simply said, writing notes made me understand things better. There's just this one problem - it's time consuming. Now you get the idea of why am I troubling my last weeks of holiday spending hours learning things that haven't even been taught and making notes. I'm no genius, hard work is the only thing I can work on you know. Since time is the issue here, and I've heard many things about IB being super difficult not mainly because of the subjects but the programmes and all, I figured I've got to do something about it sooner or later. It's not much, but at least doing a little something is better than nothing.

So go on, call me SKEMA. Haha, I seriously couldn't care less.


fats. said...

you've got books already? serious???
no fair... T_T

niffira.nia said...

Chill lah, I'm still in my holiday mode. Hihi.

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