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Thursday, June 18, 2009



It's 5 a.m., I've just finished reading - mission accomplished. I'm not pushing myself, no it wasn't about that at all. I pretty much enjoyed it. I just sort of hate the restlessness it caused me. But let me do MS justice first; it's barely 'Midnight Sun', it's merely the first draft, leaked illegally, somehow, into the internet without authorisation. I didn't realise it at first, an ignorant being as I was back then, browsing through the files in, to be downloaded - I thought it'd been officially published and it's my mistake that I somehow missed it. I came to an abrupt halt once I came across her official website and learned the truth. I guess I owed my guilt lah kan masa tu. Ah well, it's a relief that Steph being the sensible person she is, and decided to publish the draft officially, just to save her readers the sacrifice of their honesty - cool. She clearly saw how inevitable it had become. Considering it as nothing more than drafts, I sifted through without so high of expectation, especially toward the end. Conflicting emotions, was all I could say. One good thing of reading things through Edward's perspective though, was how much his tendency of playing with words gave an upper hand to me. Ah, very well. No wonder I took an unusual extended amount of time on it.

I feel a bit restless yesterday, as had been indicated in my previous post. It had little to do with me not going to Mt. Ledang, mind you, I got over it already. And that restlessness tweaked the situation a little bit so I guess it's okay - I finished packing, reading, and some Trig, in a matter of 12 hours (5 pm - 5am). I figured I worked well under pressure, I dunno, maybe it's just me. My eyes strained now, it should be. I deserved some sleep after Subuh ni I think. Now for the next few days I probably have to worry about nothing, regain my peace of mind, and make myself well-composed for whatever's coming. Gah!

I love this rare condition I'm currently in; no headaches, no heartaches.

Paling penting, kerja siap, hati senang. Sape nak sup jagungggg?


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