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Saturday, August 22, 2009



Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, people. I just got back from kg ni, had my first sahur and berbuka and terawih there. Well it felt like a very short first day of puasa for me, alhamdulillah. And I have to say that I can already feel the warmth of Ramadhan. A few GOOD things welcomed me, and I just couldn't express how grateful I am for the state of things now. Some prayers had already been fulfilled, dan doa sentiasa dipohon dengan harapan Allah memegang hati-hati insan yang saya sayangiiiiiiiii. And you, too, people, let's make the best out of Ramadhan yeah.

We had TEN days of holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, oh I LOVE KMB. hehehe. lots and lots to tell here actually, kalau larat layan, layan la. hehe. life's been doing great there. I'm just a regular, random Ain, so far, slighly the opposite of who I was for all those previous years. As well as I'm concerned, I'm OK - as OK as I could possibly be, whatever that might means. Oh anyways, My really really good girlfriends were always there - fats and leya. my super duper cool roommate - wani, she helped getting me to surau on time, always, hehe. my classmate - m09D and its people were so far the coolest mixture of people. SOOOO many variations. :D ANDDD ANDDD this is the best part - i got to know few new friends as well, with awesomest personalities dan sangattt sangatttt cool to be with - nabilah the violinist. next would be siti and hazirah the futsal chicks, bessy the korean-lover, arlina the move-on girl, the hoedown-throwdowns-lo girls, the buaian gangs, kak rabiqah and kak 'puteh' and kak arina the naqibah sisters, and etc etc etc. blogosphere people pun dah jumpa dah, haha. ade la 'sorang' tuuuu kena sergah dah dgn kite. padan muka. haha! seriously, i'm loving them. the old ones remain, the new ones brighten! i have two years to love them more, insyaAllah. so conclusively, im positive.

I'm wondering how my uninety friends are all doing. At Intec? Taylor's? KTJ? KYUEM? KMS?

Someone here had always been hoping for the best for you guys.

Alamak, kilat la. Nanti-nanti sambung balik.

Jangan lupa bangun sahur. :) :)


F a r i z z a i d I said...

oh yea.
now bru terasa

dulu x...

nuthead said...

km(best) hanya bile dirasai wktu cuti.

niffira.nia said...

farizzaidi : betul betul betul. :))

nuthead : haha! a ah laaa, baru perasan. now that u mentioned it in THAT light. :D haa ni sorang lagi budak itgs. ramainyeeee '=.=

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