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Saturday, January 8, 2011


"It's better to let go and see if they come back, then to keep holding on and see if they let go." - Anonymous.

It speaks for itself. No logic needed, just have a heart.
It's a long day today, and I stayed indoor. Reactivated my Facebook for awhile due to Zuckerberg's warning to block me unless I straighten out the mess I started with the email thing. Without Facebook, I felt like a useful human being, a help to myself somehow. Haha I wonder. As I lay on my bed this morning, entahlah but these two stories just flashed into my mind - The Two Jewels of Coelho's Like the Flowing River, & The Fortune Fountain(?) of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Interestingly enough, both carry perfectly opposite approach to this one particular concept of Life as we know it; Love - Lost and Found. Bookworms, go wiggle your way out of the soil and find a good book to read, for real.

Speaking of Coelho, he might be a bit preachy; but I guess there's a preacher within each and every one of us. The difference? He writes and conveys, we listen; no matter how different the paths we walked on.

p/s : Hey Kaleidoscope. You reminded me I'm being read. Ah well, we all put our little hearts on display over here, say hello to new civilisation. :)


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