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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Trip.

Friends depart, and memory takes them
to her caverns, pure and deep.

- Haynes Bayly, Teach Me to Forget

As I sit in front of my personal computer writing this, I thought about nothing but how blessed I am. For the last six days, until yesterday, I've been spending my hours in the company of a handful of wonderful people I'd like to call friends. A trip which had been initially signed up with half of a willing heart due to many bothering uncertainties.. had proven itself worthy, after all. I'd go to any part of the world with the company I had. It's not because they were flawless (we are humans, thus naturally flawed), or of their strong stomachs (a few weak ones along the way - the last thing you need in a trip), or of the value of friendships being offered (some of ours were so newly-established that we barely knew each other). No, I'd go to any part of the world with the company I had as I'd begun to let them in, to be able to accept them for who they are, and to genuinely love them for it. Those are the blessings granted for me in a week. I miss sharing my bed with a crowd, I miss talking to sleep, I miss laughing at lame jokes and be laughed at mine, I miss taking care of them in my own way. However, I'm forever grateful, that with every parting.. came with it the value of a meeting. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Belajar dari Alam,
Belajar dari Insan.
Rahmat dari Yang Maha Kuasa,
Ihsan-Nya menyuluh serata buana.

Dhania Haron, Ezreeah Mustapha, Dalila Atiqah, Jacintha Lee.
Azzeem Shahren, Abang Mohd Redzuan, Bessima Jamal, Arnoldweld.
Mahdi's. Ryner, Liew, Jennifer, Evan, Samuel.
The sparkling seas, breezy winds, winding roads, puffy clouds & crazy turbulences.
Jama' & Qasar. "Berkatilah perjalanan kami. Moga selamat pergi & kembali. Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadahku, hidupku & matiku hanya kerana-Mu."


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