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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superhero's Overrated

Peace be upon you.

That moment in time when all you ever want to be is a superhero and save the world.. or in my case, an oncologist.

When I was little, I grew up being taken care of by one pair of sisters who'd lost their mother due to breast cancer.
When I was little, I grew up being the best friend of one pair of brothers who'd lost their father due to lung cancer.

These are my cousins, the dearest bunch of them all.
And not until quite recently, my grandfather has been diagnosed with prostate cancer at its 4th stage.

I am not blaming the disease, nor the Creator who'd destined this fate for them. Call it whatever, a death sentence? All of us have our dues. It's just a matter of time, of place, of cause and effect. It's just, a dreadful feeling to be stuck in between. To not have anything good, or beneficial to offer. To not yet be in the time where my hand is on the plate, together throwing the dice and breaking down options and decisions. It's like watching an outdated film being rolled before your eyes, time and time again.. with the worst part on repeat. And I'm the audience with my entire body strapped to the seat, unable to cringe or look away.

What can I do to make things easier, better, lighter? I'm not yet an oncologist, not even a doctor. Even any of those back home couldn't do more than a few consultations and prescribe treatments. Well, that's what they do.. and beyond that, it's Someone else's job.

Thousands of miles away, only the prayer of a child can be conveyed.. to the One up Above but very Near - for my Atok, please make light his suffering, and ease the pain coming from every inch of his body.


HANIS NASA said...

study rajin2! hehe. may Allah bless your atok.iA org yg sabar dgn ujian,akan dijanjikan ganjaran nnt.My prayer for his health :)

niffirania said...

inshaAllah, thanks a mill kak hanis. ni sayang lebih ni!

remy said...

may Allah bless him.. InsyaAllah :)

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