niffira.nia's: 14th.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


it's 29th October 2008. exactly 14 days of SPM. it's crazy around here.. at one point i didn't know what am i supposed to do. ppl say it's the turning point of your life. ppl say that it's so important that it'll determine the future that lies ahead of you. but the truth is, I agree with Ustaz Wan. everything is suppose to be about gaining knowledge, and having them stored in your head to be with you for the rest of your life. not for exams. not even for spm. it's the nawaitu that matters, he said. and everything will be completely easy. if there's anybody who cared enough to give me pieces of advice for me to pull through this intense period, please do so. in order for me to hold on to my sanity, and to keep my feet on the ground, God knows how much i need those. ahhh, analgesics.

-love, aen.labcompmr.hadi.

p/s : 28.10.08


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