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Thursday, January 29, 2009

a do'a.

If he’s still alive, he would have been a very sweet 6-year-old.

He would be handsome, smart and a perfectionist. Just like his brother.

This house wouldn’t be quiet, like it is now.

My old story books won’t be kept in the garage..

he would be a fan of them. Like his sister.

There will be his clumsy kisses and hugs sending me off at the airport each time holiday passes.

There will be funny distractions while I’m doing my schoolworks..

there will be this one pair of eye which will always trying to catch my attention with his antics and laughters..

he would be obedient, and he would be lovable by many.

He is our beloved.

But, I know Allah The Almighty loves him more.

That’s why He took him away from us before I can even look into that pair of eyes of his, filled with life.

He took him away so early.. to carry pails of water for his thirsty parents at the Day of Judgement.

He took him away so early.. so we, the living, would know how painful it is to suffer a lost, and to always remember to appreciate each and every single thing we have.

We will always love him as a son, as a youngest brother.

We will never forget him.

Ariffins are three, never two.

A do’a for this 2008 Eidul Fitr..

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, please unite our family, and let us stay together forever, the five of us, one day, in Your Jannah.



This post is specially dedicated to the memory of..


p/s : 03.10.08


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