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Thursday, January 29, 2009


great.great holiday.stuffed in my room with a stack of never-ending-assignments.great? DUH! but one thing is, im not hating it the way i suppose to in a boarding school now, and i want to tell you my story.

i filled up mara's form.getting isolated in an island that's far from home?--unthinkable. but still, despite mom's tears and pop's silence, i left. expected nothing ahead,and left everything behind.
once i set my eyes upon my living unit in TM17, im worried like heck.and i'd no idea why? its just..uncomfortable.i felt insecurity and somewhat out-of-place.with my injured ankle, everything felt like hell.

the first week passed by with silent agony.i kept holding it back, but i cried an absolute cry, once.mistful longing,ended there not quite abruptly but certainly the last one i'd shed.
it was a painful start,im telling you.

what with the cuisines, it's not THAT bad but i felt like throwing up each time i caught its smell.i missed home and its good food so badly.

what with the routine of having to wash and iron my own clothes? now that's the worst part.well yes there's laundry service.but it made my clothes so crumpled they can hardly be ironed! whattha heck.oh yes im sounded like one of those annoying spoilt brats.but thats it, i am.

basically, those two annoyingly-barbarically-messed-up stuffing stuff were my total concern for those first couple of days.

2nd week, class mixing around and that college seemed's hectic there,but that's keeps me going.

what with the cuisines you may ask?well it was getting a lil bit better so..[or am i getting less fussy then?] haha. at least i didnt skip meals anymore and ended up with throbbing empty stomach.other girls just swallow them up, why can't i?

what with the washin',ironin' thingy you may ask?they taught me lessons i would hardly experience at then, i started to understand what life suppose to be,how far im growing up and how much i need to grow up.not just to learn,pondering over books; but to live my own life without relying to anybody else.somehow i felt, useful?

--warm seniors, least once, u girls made me felt a lil bit at home.

it's mid sem break now.this sunday, i'll be back.still, nothing more to expect. except for few droolings in lecture hall maybe? ;D see u soon, island ppl!


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