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Thursday, January 29, 2009

the art who lives.

yea, lessons learnt. debate, debate and debate. we won 4 outta 7.i trembled A LOT and i suck.but those few days were hell good of experiences.

thanks to--

the van// even it's sempit, heh. u keep the maresmawians moving.

uncle driver// thanks fer driving n keep up the family man thingy.

mr jo and ms su// thanks.

abg fuad// u're the coolest super duper senior ever.

kak zety&kak lina// must bin hard keeping up with us huh? usher rock :p

debat folk// k'dijah, abe ayu-kalamalali-u-noe-who-lah-kan-hehe,pqa,liana.. terima kasih untuk segala gelak ketawa yang menggelikan usus perut, yang dipertua. HAHA ;D

the debaters!// abe ucop,maryam and k'syu! u girls, oops.i mean, plus a guy *hehe* thanks fer everything. we had hard times, yes. but then,we laughed back :] thanks fer bein' a friend.a bro.a sis. syg koranggg!

p/s : special thanks to patrick the plasticine.that sepanbob is totally cute.hehe! at least u remember, and that means a lot bebeh ;D



p/s : 18.04.07


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