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Thursday, January 29, 2009

i'm happy. (:

i am happy.

u dont have to read the next line if u dont want to.. really.

this entry is a crap. i repeat, A CRAP. don't say that i didn't warn u.

hmph. for u, at least. but not for me.

i just need to let this out, somehow, u know what i mean?

i need to let this go.


that is what i'm feeling.

im in my own space, doing my own real stuff, eat and sleep and pray and tv.

but, for one thing, i felt like im disconnected from people.REAL people i mean. not here,

it's not that i'm scared or anything.. i have no idea.

it's a comfort, really.

keeping myself safe and sound here, closed and confined.

i don't get out much. i don't play, i don't stroll i used to.

i go to the mall, yes. but just to get my bread and jam, that's all.

i go to the cafe, yes. but to grab a slurpie and go.

i touch my phone, yes. but just to set the alarm (morning call) and left messages unreplied.
that's pretty much of me this time.

but i'm happy.

i do all my schoolwork during the day.

i watch csi or sarah connor chronicles or friends, at night.

at midnight, i watch the movies that i downloaded.

and for my bedtime, i read the other boleyn girl till i fell asleep.

and yet, i am happy.

if happy means that i love my life and i feel hatred towards nobody currently, then yes, i am happy.

i suppose i would have been happier if im not doing all these 'things' of mine alone.i'm the eldest of two, did u know that? and im the only girl.

sometimes, i wish i have a sister.maybe my life won't turn out to be this dull.

now, there there.

the point is : trying to make my life sounds better is what i'm currently doing. oh gosh, crap crap.

p/s : for you who read this entry THIS far, thank you for listening. :)

p/s : 31.05.07


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