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Saturday, January 31, 2009

a letter.

A letter will be revealed. Dated December 21st 2007, it was a priceless piece of words of farewell, and encouragement. a 16-year-old's eye on what friendship forever means. Just a little something that I want to share.

Dear Sharib,

By the time you read this, I'm already out of your sight, in the plane flying to KLIA most probably, apparently invisible to you for another a year or more (or even less :D ).

This is how it always ended up, right? We met once a year, I stayed for a couple of weeks, and then..I'd left. We always had so much fun, the four of us, since we're kids. Since as long as my memory allows me to remember. But now, things changed. You and me are turning 17, ajib's 16, and hamka's 15. I no longer can fit in as well as I did 10 years ago.

Obviously, I'm no longer the fatty, ridiculous buyut anymore now (as well as you could see dunghead :D ) and you three are big boys turning into men. There's things you could do and I couldn't and vice versa, and there's things that I must do which I regularly feel reluctant to because you guys aren't there to keep me company or to do the exact same thing. It's quite hard, sometimes. But it's the way it should turn out to be, I realise that.

Now, around us, four kids are growing together with us, too. Ashraf's turning 12, Hakim's 11, Meme's 13, etc. etc. They're a part of the old classic gang now, weren't they? :D It's funny though, at their age, I could see clearly what they had obviously missed. The frantic of old school games, the favourites, and genuinely expertise of ours. We used to play around the lawn with sands, rocks, planks of woods, ruddy old cushions, remember? anddd, tembak ikan tembakul bawah rumah. hahaha! Now they've got uno, psp, handphones, xbox, and whatsoever crap to play with. 'Clean' toys. 'Lucky' us. :D.

It's great though, having you guys around me and together we marvel at each other's speed of growth. Mentally dan physically, of course. Despite of my terrible temper, I love u guys heartily. Cousins by luck, bestfriends by choice (: .

But wait, back to you, dear sharib. It's going to be a tough year indeed for us two next year, the SPM year. I don't want you to regard the fact that we both are facing the same thing as some sort of a medium for comparison or anything, but as a motivation. You do your best, and I'll do the same. I'll pray for your success, and I hope I'm included in yours. I don't know what your dreams really are, but there's one thing I'm sure about - not a single thing you can't achieve if you put your entire effort into it.

The same goes to you, ajib. No matter what your PMR's result is going to be this 27th, I know that you've tried your best. Accept it and be thankful for it. I can see how much you've changed, frankly said. You talk more sensibly lately, less tactless. [: more mature, I would say. hehe.

to ashraf - I hate you. hahaha. You can be a jerk sometimes, did you by any chance know that? :D Even so, I know you love your sisters, despite all the crazy little things you did. Take good care of them, I know you are well aware of the current situations, you are big enough to understand. My piece of advice is, time will teach you everything you need to know. Just don't get mixed up with the wrong boys, stay out of trouble and keep an eye on your adorable little sisters. (:

p/s : fast forward 13 months now. :D


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