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Friday, January 30, 2009


like it said - Darjah 1. sk agama bintulu sarawak, i was the class monitor. yes yes. hahaha. i was seated at fourth from left. ahh. mind you, the crossed out girls were not dead or anything, it's just that they were ne longer around by then. transferred, i think. :D btw, i'm in 1 Aisyah by then. As far as I can recall.. there's Khadijah, Uthman, and Ali. 4 classes! hehe.. i can still remember vividly the four-and-a-half years there. hmm. let's see - arabic lessons.the competition where i just name all the things around me as much as i could in arabic for 10 minutes and won it. running around the school square yard with mamat and.. sabrina, kot.oh i miss them! PE, where the lil arina couldn't participate each class because she claimed she's allergic to jumping! hahaha. the wednesdays and thursdays where we all wore green robes as we had our kafa lessons till 6 pm. during those days, we'll get in line and walked together to the main mosque down the hill to perform zuhr and 'asr together, where we'll put our two arms onto each other's shoulder to make sure the line is straight and we won't get scolded, hahaha. i was the youngest public speaker in a competition in year 2007, and i ended up making fool of myself during the impromptu session.terkebil kebil jer. i looked at my mum's face absent-mindedly and the way she made feeble attempts for a few sign languages she thought i would've understand. hahaha! the teachers' fav! haha, so i ended up being hated by some other kids. which is fun (at least for now :D). foul tactics, foul scenes did happen on a few occasions. but i'm loving it now!like seriouslyyy. without it, my years there would be kind of hard to be remembered :D


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