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Friday, January 30, 2009



Girl with a veil why do you cover up so?
Why is that you don't let one strand of hair show?
Don't you feel sad and oppressed from within?
You need to be liberated and show some skin.
You cover up your beauty and no man can see
All the curves on your body that make you pretty
You wear loose clothes and show no flesh
You must feel awfully suppressed!

Don't you feel jealous of all the girls you see?
My short skirt, tank top, and bikini…
Aren't you ever hot out in the blazing sun?
I wonder how you ever have any fun?
I feel bad for you and hope you'll see
That you are backwards and CAN break free

Thanks for your input it was indeed moving
Actually let me correct myself, it was quite amusing
You see this so called girl you like to call oppressed
Actually woke up this morning and CHOSE how to dress

I washed my face, brushed my teeth and took a shower
Put my socks on, clothes and shoes in just under an hour!
Except one thing was different than your day, I chose to dress in my own way
I didn't listen to the newest fashion about what's "in", I listened to the rules of God to avoid major sin.

I cover my body cuz it's a jewel, not to be stared at by men who drool.
My beauty is not in my skin, but on the inside,
Any man who couldn't see that wouldnt be worth my time

I have a personality and an active mind
Before you choose to judge me, you should get to know me sometime.
Maybe then I could explain to you that you too are sacred and should respect yourself

You must guard your God-given gifts and chastity, to truly know the meaning of dignity
You walk down the street and men gawk and stare, I walk down the street and men wouldn't dare.

They see something in me that you obviously don't,
they see me for what I am and you for what you flaunt

And during the heat in those summer days, when all I can feel is the bright suns rays
I think about one thing and that is how no matter how hot it gets, hell is always hotter.

My teacher once told me that this society is sad
They tell us we have no natural beauty so that they can make us feel bad
But they are kind enough to sell our beauty back to us in makeup ads
Invading our homes, hearts and minds- erasing the beauty of what lies inside
I hope you know now women are precious and her body is hers alone
And the decision to please her Lord was made by her on her OWN.

This is why my friend, I feel bad for you and hope you'll see
That YOU are backwards and CAN break free.

p/s : credit to QueenOfMecca on deviantart.


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