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Thursday, January 29, 2009

a request.

this is a requested post by the one who matters most.


i'm here, in the land like no other, heh. sarawak! the rocking land.
gonna be here for two weeks, and today is the third day. it's raining a lot, im telling you. a lot.but its not a big thing though, as i have my closest allies around. haha. us.. the four franklins - ain, rib, ajib, hamka. the older, much more matured versions of buyut, toyot, tuyut and teyek.ahh, what a crap. but yea, thats the fact. we are teenagers now. all grown up beautifully.yea, hoo! amazing, though, how i could see them and be with them now but still looking at them as if they are still 6-year-olds. haha, our zaman kegemilangan, that was. the three of us are currently helping rib to get through his interview for utp, 15th dec.u go, boy. namaiii dek. hahaha!
hmm. i am happy here. 'too' happy, precisely. thx to you-know-who-you-are. hehe. geez, i watched wild child with them last nite. i've got a new vocab! harradious cow, that is. haha. but, hmph. didnt get any 'goodnite' though. eee.

'hi'. to the one who matters most.

P/S : 09.12.08


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