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Thursday, January 29, 2009


You’ll never appreciate the people around you until they are no longer around, hmm?
I miss mjsc lgk.

I my friends.

I miss my teachers.

I miss SPM.. and all of our struggles, together.

I miss the smell of newly-painted walls.

I miss pak zaf and his rollcalls.

I miss the green ds and their cooks, they taught me a lot.

I miss leeya.. I miss fatsie.. I miss sri. I miss our pink tl13.

I miss bwp.

I miss kak pah.. I miss dobi.

I miss surau.
I miss half-boiled egg.

I miss sitting together…. I miss our lights off together.

I miss.. a feeling kept secretly hidden.


Here, in front of this lcd screen, an ocean apart from all those memories,
Im not sure I’ve told my uninety folks how much I love them all, how much I appreciate them all.

203 of us.

each and every single person.

Thank you, for this meaningfully memorable 2008.

p/s : 04.12.08


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