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Thursday, January 29, 2009



two semesters had come to an end, and here i am, accepting goodbyes in the modest way possible.amazing, how people can come and go throughout your life, but never with decent hellos and goodbyes, right? maybe this isn't a farewell after all. maybe this isn't the end of ties and bonds. who knows? maybe we're indeed bound to meet again, brothers, and sisters. with a little change in circumstances. i hope the weather's good, then. goodluck, and all the best. till then, see you around old folks. heheh.

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so that's that. and so far, no harm's done. this is it, my holidays start.
launching off with books. yes, books.
dwelling with it wont never seem enough.

one nice book fest yesterday, and im blinded : Matthew Reilly's Seven Ancient Wonders and Stephen King's Song of Susannah, these two for 50 bucks. yes, no kidding.
i wished i had more time to browse around, i picked those two up from their shelves at my very first glance.

it seems that i never was a fan of booby traps, spikey railways, m-16s, james bonds', sherlock holmes', or any of the sort.
i could not,then, escaped historic, ancient secrecy, royal bloodline, otherworlds, which sounds much more intriguing. call me a geek. call me a nerd. call me a cute bookworm. call me anything. but i love history, pretty much everything about it, and nothing you say could make me budge. :]]

i love reading, watching movies and discovering all about historical wars, monarchs, civilisations and beliefs.

some people might find history, or as they put it : the Past, as something useless to rediscover about or to turning pages of ancient scrolls for.

but i think, it is cool. it is not cool when u are forced to face ur SEJARAH TEXTBOOKS and memorised it for exams (it makes u puke, i know), but yes, it is indeed cool to read, watch and discover (willingly) some old, unique, powerful, highly-influenced artefacts : roots of traditions - excess of religion, essence of humanitarian civilisation.

holy stories of Islam and its prophets, the Egypt and its many pyramids, Itali with its admirable arts and carvings, Europe with its bunch of conquerors and lands of the conquered - amazing tales one after another.

on the other hand, the splattering of bloods, the slashing of swords, and the crying of violence followed suit. war after war - between religions and lands; for power and money and women, had spoiled men, even the wisest and the most brilliant one, beyond his own possible reason. you would not even believe to which extent a man could go, and sacrifice for.

i've told u, history IS hot. cracked.

anddd. never trust steven spielberg. watch, but never believe.

p/s : 16.11.07


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