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Thursday, January 29, 2009

a walk to remember?

a story of an egoistic 19-year-old boy with his own world of fame, jocks and popularity. but then, he would never expect that there was this one girl who he had been in kindergarten with until now,a girl he never take any notice of, a girl with such faith in her God, and stars, and purity of dignity will eventually be the one to take the ego out of him and change his life forever.from one boy of no ambition to a man who wants to be a doctor and marries the girl he loves.from one boy who is so content with hatred towards his father who returned after leaving him years ago, to a man who forgives and forgets.the girl changes him. he never touches her, out of love and respect; but their love remains pure and untarnished. deeply in love they are, but fate has its own course. the girl is having leukemia, but the boy would never want to leave her side. he marries her and loves her until the very end of her breath. which is only a summer away.

'her love is like the rustle of the wind. i can't see it, but i can feel it.'

- landon. (shane.west) & jamie. (mandy.moore)

its 4 am now.i just finished watching a movie which somehow made me cry and my eyes are swollen red now. how could tht possibly happened?!. good one

p/s : 16.11.07


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