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Friday, February 13, 2009


what's affection, really?


1. fond attachment, devotion, or love: the affection of a parent for an only child.
2. Often, affections. a. emotion; feeling; sentiment: over and above our reason and affections.
b. the emotional realm of love: a place in his affections.
3. Pathology. a disease, or the condition of being diseased; abnormal state of body or mind: a gouty affection.
4. the act of affecting; act of influencing or acting upon.
5. the state of being affected.
6. Philosophy. a contingent, alterable, and accidental state or quality of being.
7. the affective aspect of a mental process.
8. bent or disposition of mind.
9. Obsolete. bias; prejudice.

well.. those are the definition of affection.

For me, I strongly agree with number 2, though.
affection as an emotion - a deep feeling concealed in our hearts, wistfully enhanced by all sorts of other feelings that sometimes clouded our sights of the entity it really was.

As a matter of fact, some of us can barely understand it, merely dismissing it with an act of ignorance before knowing what it really was.

We can never understand why sometimes, we are pulled towards someone, brewed some kind of deep interests in observing his/her personality, or even history, and eventually, we peered a little longer, and without knowing it, in all of a sudden, a rush of sympathy or adoration came streaming in.

We would want to lend a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen.
We would want to give a big bear hug, knowing that that will give warmth to those who longed for one.
We would want to say 'it's all right', reassuring those who knew nothing is..
and we would want to smile, knowing that if all else fails, this one won't hurt.

You see, it is such a waste to suppress affection.

You want to change the world? Do an act of random kindness, one at a time.

Now you know what to do - Only one simple gesture of affection to those who are dear to you, and you can actually make a difference in someone else's life. If not much.

p/s : this post has got nothing to do with Valentine's Day or whatsoever crap. I just had a feeling to post something like this, that world will be a lot better with more affections around. peace.


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