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Monday, February 16, 2009


salam. I watched GENG : Pengembaraan Bermula yesterday.

Seriously, go and watch if you haven't. LAWAK GILE. my mum, dan beberape orang makcik dan pakcik di hadapan dan di blkg panggung yang gelap terkekeh-kekeh ketawe bersama-sama anak masing-masing. uish, annoying. hahaha!

but still, it's the most happening movie preview i've ever went to.

at one point at the exit, most of us who were walking pass the exit stopped abruptly 'cause apparently, the movie didn't end quite yet. so kitorang sambungla gelak kat exit tu ramai2. haha.
ade budak kecik tu popcorn die somehow boleh landing kat kepale. erkk. ni mesti kes mak ayah x prasan.

well, all in all, it's an impressive work by les copaque production - a new generation of filmmakers. You can obviously see and feel the freshness and originality of geng once you watch it.
I'm not saying it's a total work of perfection, it isn't, there're still aspects of technicality and animation i think they have to work on.
But it's refreshing! I loved it. so go and have a look.
it's worth my nine bucks, no kidding.

hamka - tggu abc die siap.

me - didn't have a proper lunch, so my stomach grumbled je dalam keta. inilah akibatnye. but no fuss, buah-buahan baik untuk kesihatan. kan? :D

p/s : betul betul betul!!


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