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Sunday, March 22, 2009


13 years ago, she sat in a far corner of a mamak stall in the middle of the then developing sibu. As she twiddled the spoon absent-mindedly with her fingers, her eyes lingered towards the wall with small patches of peeling paints. Definitely looking for something. It had been a habit for her, even at the age of four, to read signboards, banners, and in this case, advertisements. She found them pretty much amusing.

Well, she did found something. A huge advertisement clumsily glued to the wall about a peculiar brand of coffee. She read through, shamelessly loud enough for the next table to hear. And then, there was this commentary of a doctor, whose name she couldn't recalled, except for the institution he's graduated from - Royal College of Surgeon (RCSI), Ireland. She was instantly filled with a curious sense of excitement. Well, it went off as swiftly as it came the moment the fried noodle arrived.

13 years later, strangely, out of the whole advertisement, only that one particular name still freshly etched inside her mind, as though it was just yesterday.

And for 13 years, she longed, too, for one single place there, and carved another history of her own.

Now there's internet, and she no longer had to look for another advertisements to actually caught a glance of the name of the institution again.

Google, RCSI. Google. tap tap.

Founded in 1784, more than two centuries worth of history in the art of medicine resides there.

School of Medicine Graduates received;
The historical Licentiate Degrees of RCSI and RCPI
MB (Bachelor of Medicine)
BCh (Bachelor of Surgery)
BAO (Bachelor of Art of Obstetrics)

.. and etc., etc., etc.

"Cool. I wanna go there. Well, IF I earn a scholarship for medical studies in Ireland. IF my CGPA in IB Diploma is 35 and above. By 25, I'll be graduated! Ha ha ha. IF.. and only IF."

p/s : She's a mere 17-year-old sharing a piece of her dreams with her beloved readers. There's no harm in dreaming. It might as well come true.


kak syu comel said...

insya allah u will
trust me
u will

*adibalala; said...

lets pray hard and work hard for it.

niffira.nia said...

i certainly hope so. (:

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