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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

longggg stories.

Well, I felt like sharing my past few days with you.

Hm. So, during the whole weekend, I searched endlessly for more and more information on the path I'm about to take approximately twenty years from now. Quite productive, I must say. I had infos on IB programme, Basic Medical programmes, specialty training, sub-specialty training and such. Thus, I found them helpful for my essay-writing and the upcoming interview. I planned to finish my essay by the end of March though. Which is today! LOL. And I'm halfway through it today, before I decided to drop it off for a while and started to blog. Heh. Oh, and one thing though, I started to realise the most cosy and comfortable time of the day for me to write is after 12 midninght. Like seriously. I'd snuggle in my bed and write continously, pause only to realise it's almost 2.30 am. Instead of being sleepy, I was extremely relaxed. Phew.

Talking about the interview, mine will be on the 14th of April. I have a good feeling about it, ahah, no I'm not that snobbishly over-confident brat, it's just that, I'm fond of April. I had always been. It makes me feel like I don't have to worry much about anything, just go with the flow, be yourself and be ready, and nothing will go wrong. Haha, freak. I know. I have to thank Rooney though, for the useful tips sincerely-written at his blog. Thanks dude. :D One thing bothers me, is the fact that I've somehow lost my Debate certs, all of it. The UIA's and stuff. Should I be worry or should I not? Does it bear great importance? Serves me right, clumsy sangat. Muahaha.

Oh, and today I got my DSLR back! Ngee. I'm glad it's finally here. But there's lot to learn about that little thing, Lee highlighted how dumb I am at handling it last time we met. Haha. Don't blame me, I was occupied learning everything else! :D What a dumb excuse. And by the way, I've got a new phone today. It's cool, and adorable. I loved it. Just one simple message to you who read this, if you have ANY, any sort of inclination to buy an iPhone, please don't. Trust me, you're better off with something much, much better. Go Google, and read through its specifications. I did.

I've heard some of my friends had already went through their interview with JPA today, or was it yesterday? I didn't know how it went, really, but from all their status messages in facebook indicated unexpected questions came but, but they did pretty well. I know they did. A few of them are going to have theirs around this week, so I wish you guys goodluck and all the best. Especially to the 3rd. :)

NAIL IT GUYS! haha, bersemangat jer.

Okay, another story is (quite a few this time huh, hehe), last Sunday I went to Ipoh, and I finally got my hand on Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. LAME. :D Well, it's the beginning of another great series for me. I always loved novels in series. After JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Soheir Kashoggi's, JK Rowling's Harry Potters, and now this. I guess it's pretty too late to read Twilight by now, the movie's already out and I was FORCED to picture Edward Cullen in the figure of Robert Pattinson. Not that I regretted it. Haha. At this point, I know now why is it so hard for Fats to get over Edward and move on. He seemed to be the perfect guy any girl whould be dreaming of, except for the fact that he's a vampire and he's not going to grow old with me. Another haha. :D

Well, I'm goin to get New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn very soon. I need to finish them before my studies in the new 'unknown' level start. Haha, I won't forget Biology because of it, no worries. Anyway, thankfully these series a lot cheaper than Harry Potter's.

We're in the era of economic downfall, girl. Learn how to save!

I just can't help it.

p/s : You are a great listener. (or reader?)


adiba said...

Oh, yeah sure.
You are totally right.
We just have to go with the flow.
Effort plus Tawakal.

Lee said...
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muhammad fakhruddin said...

Salam...all the best for 14th April...
I also have an interview at Penang 8th April(under Kem. Pelajaran)
Meet Aisyah during JPA interview at Ipoh ^_^

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