niffira.nia's: 4th May.

Monday, May 4, 2009

4th May.

Ah well, i've been restraining myself from posting a single word here for approximately 20 hours and 45 minutes. What a relief! I know I can't stop once I've started.

It's 4th of May today, and this morning came up to be quite a blur for me right now. I don't know why, but that happened quite regularly lately, mainly because my nights were filled with dreams. One story after another. I would wake up in the middle of the night and found myself sprawled across the bed, half-consciously trying to muster some sense into my lopsided cerebrum, to tell the difference between dreams and reality from what i've just heard and seen. they're freakingly vivid. i like some as much as i hate some. I don't think there's anything wrong with my head though, but hey, excessive imaginations never really kill anyone so i'm not going to make a big deal out of it. but it's a relief to share it here. :)

And yes, now I've received two open offers from Penang Matriculation College in Science Stream and IIUM's @ UIAM's Foundation Studies in Medical. I have to register on 11th May and 23rd May respectively though. Well, time flies, and I'm going to miss this dreadfully 'boring' period soon, well sooner than i think it'll be. So i'd do better to enjoy this while it lasts. I'm still waiting for an offer from MARA, which is due to be announced by the 3rd week of May.

So here's the dilemma -
(a) whether to wait for MARA and risk not getting it and god knows what happens next.
(b) just go on in UIA (Matric is definitely no goner for me) and pray hard for MARA to come by eventually, then try to find a way out from UIA.

blink blink. dilemma solved. i chose b. HAHA! frankly said, it doesn't even matter much for me to not finding a way out from UIA and continue my medical degree locally there, but, i've set my heart straight for a place already (u-know-where), and i'm not going to change it merely for a solution of a trivial dilemma. My parents know me well for that, that they've given me a full liberty to decide. And so i did. :)

Now enough talk on that.

I've told you here that I'm going to finish Stephanie Meyer's Saga before the new 'academic' term arrives, have i not? Well, mission'd been accomplished then! twilight and new moon and eclipse and breaking dawn. yikes. :) I don't know about you, but breaking dawn has this scariest part where it actually made me jerked uncomfortably on my bed - the one with bella carrying that vile monster who wrecked her into pieces from inside. ugh. And, I have to agree with a few critics on Meyer's way of ending the saga - don't bring a battlefield into a story unless there's a battle. Very anti-climax. But on the other hand, I like it because it's different. That's the whole point of the story isn't it? Carlisle being in the forefront, a vampire character portrayed from the start to be more compassionate than others of his kind, even than some filthy mortals. If it's the typical storyline, a vampire battle will ended up with blood and fire and fangs. and blah blah blah. Well, that's just one way to look at the story at least.

thanks wnf, for ps i love you. :))

OH, and i'm moving to johor bahru(bharu?)! lol, as if i'm going to be there long enough to call it home. The rest of the family will be completely transferred by june. so yeah, the packing routines had already started and we're still scrambling for the heads and tails of everything. it's troublesome to live in a nomadic way like this, but a hell lot of fun to tell you the truth. my mom squealed in delight at some discoveries of her funny-looking little vases in the stores, hidden away for years and trying to save everything from being thrown away or sold - by my dad and me. I figured out i'm more like him in some ways, and this is one of it, in a practical manner. What's the point of saving those things in the store and knowing it'll be in the same exact condition in the new home? Wouldn't it be better to sell them somewhere and get something in return? Ah well, we do have one thing in common though - the whole family won't have the heart to give away things with sentimental values. Awwww. Comel kan kan? hahah!

OKAY. DAH. I'M OCCUPIED. next time! :)


*adibalala; said...

Oh, ain!
Congrats yea.
So, I guess we'll see each other in IIUM.
And don't worry about the MARA thingy, doa-doa dapat kan? You boleh ah.
Nomad is good. :D

niffira.nia said...

haha. i know rightttt. very good indeed. yea, we'll keep our fingers crossed now. :)

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