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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random 50.

eh awak,

last night kan, as i was TRYING hard not to stay awake, again, series of images flooded my mind. i'm scared i wouldn't be able to remember them again, so i thought i'd better left them here, in between these pages.

my random moments of mjsc langkawi -

  1. orientation week, i leaned against the wall with an injured ankle, tengok kawan2 baru berlari ke sana dan ke mari. geram x dpt join.
  2. the very first senior yg tgur kat belakang surau - nadia g. sgt baik.
  3. panjat tingkap bilik sakit (baju kurung!) at midnight, with eyes scrutinizing academic block and aspura for any sign of boys, sbb 'meeting' bwp abis lambat.
  4. kak syu jumped up and down my bed pretending to wrestle with MY pillows at 2 am, and we FILMED it. haha.
  5. usharing *cough*hussein*cough* dengan najah and kak syu kat dh, tggu bukak puasa. some gigglings included, haha.
  6. syasye bwk jln2 and saved us our budget for cab!
  7. tiptoed kat 2nd floor, at the middle of the night, sbb.. balik dr language lab, sbb.. haha. dgn bwp, the ladies. mcm charlie's angels lah hahaha
  8. my pic with leeya dlm toilet lelaki aras 2 blok academik. cat dan aup jumpaaaaaaa dan pulangkan. wah trimas. creepy gila.
  9. i can accept every single thing tht u had just said, only if it's not from you.
  10. the tale of The Leaf, The Wind, and The Tree. :(
  11. roller skating at DA, with fats and leeya. wuhuuuu!
  12. najah sent me off on my last day of schooling term of 2007. hope the froggie ain is still well and healthy :)
  13. gotong royong tL13, bilik basuh dan toilet! the best moment during weekends.
  14. solat di dataran TL.
  15. i went into a junior's room and took back the card i gave her, cz.. apparently there's an inappropriately excessive amount of affection in it. (GUILTY till this very day weh.) - leeeee!
  16. my thighs had been super-slapped(!!) by kak syu kat belakang surau, sebab - tertidur mase dia suruh dengar dia hafal sejarah. bergema satu bilik. 'KEJAM GILA,' i said through my gritted teeth, haha.
  17. sweeney todd inside utiliti tm, remember! johanna..! johanna..! johan shah!
  18. tolong fats, leeya, aynn, and a few ldps for their dinner at DA. it was fun, best sbb.. rase mcm ade kawan. and a friend is supposed to be helping the other one out right?
  19. video-editing dgn meon and a few others dlm bilik bwp.
  20. the next angelina jolie? haha tht was a pure joke, i have no idea what they think they're playing at. i still have the banner though, haha rofl.
  21. The Quran.
  22. Buat meeting for protokol thingy for Majlis Watikah Perlantikan BWP&LDP&PRS. dkt.. dkt..tm17. haha. husna dan leeya setia mendengar, di atas lantai, di hadapan white board kecil saya. mcm waktu kecil2, main masak2. saya jadi cikgu. hehe. leya was just a liyana athirah for me at that time.. no one could guess what'll happen next.
  23. Rapat Umum for Calon BWP 0708, and I was effing scared. Sajak konon, tutup2 mata lagi menghayati hahaha
  24. db8 match dgn seniors..mdm 17's locker..sarah d... :((
  25. baju kaler sama. ;D
  26. Biology Class, 5th period.. well, cikgu complained about bwp.. and I was like, terasa. and I was like.. shut up all the way till the bell rung. and Cikgu Mas was like, ain awak ok ke? and I was like.. "OK" in flat, monotonous voice and expressionless face. sorry cikgu. :(
  27. TL13's pillow talk.
  28. najah stood up when not many people would, and im proud of her.
  29. annual dinner - org lain semuaaaaa da masuk dewan, kecuali a lady in white dress yg BARU changed her clothes with two assasins in black hijab, and 3 afro-ed guys made a 'grand' entrance, through the back door! ;D
  30. at one point kan, who-gonna-sit-with-who during annual dinner is such a BIG deal for most of us. and it almost drives me crazy at that time. like SERIOUSLY. rasa mcm nk migraine je tiap tiap kali edit name list tu.
  31. oh ye, tht meritus guy tu was like the nicest gay guy i've ever met. kan azzam kan. ;D
  32. abang zaidi dan abang bob dan abang mawi yang telah banyak berjasa menjadikan kerja-kerja orang seperti saya lebih mudah. one early saturday morning, where the office was closed, i received an 'urgent' call from mama, mengatakan yang 3 hari lepas kuih lapisnya sudah tiba di pejabat, and that I forgot to pick it up! oh shoot. another day, and for sure berkulat la jawabnya. and mama was like.. furious gila. i misscalled abg zaidi and he called me back so i tried to push my luck. ade kunci office tak? and he was like.. ADA! tunggu abang zaidi kat dpn office 15 minit lagi, nak mandi jap. and he took it out for me! heart of pure gold weh, serious, haha.
  33. acap dan dataran hijau dan perasaan bersalah yang teramat-amat.
  34. cooking at mdm shadd's place.
  35. laughing and sobbing and *sleeping* and eating and cooking (not me) at miss linda's place, tgk cite korea lah enchanted lah dan macam macam lagiiii.
  36. i stumbled upon a bottle of SUSU TEPUNG atas lantai *cough*tm34*cough*, lap guna kain, then bila perah.. euwwww the smell!
  37. makan.. ala, ape bende yang dalam container lutsinar kat koop tu.. yang ade kaler pink, kuning tu.. i dunno wht tht thing is, then kak syu made me ate it, cz she said it's like ice blended of sth, and it's really nice. well, yes and no. it's made of MILK!(which supposed to make me throw up) and yes, it's nice. so.. takpe ah. ;D
  38. Cikgu Hariza and the Carlo Rino. saya sayang ah kat cikgu. sobs.
  39. In the middle of dataran TM, heavy downpour, and completely alone.
  40. The Amusing Musings!
  41. Pagi EST, spm week. . . .
  42. Cikgu Izzuddin and the wake up call.
  43. Late night prep dkt utiliti TM.. green blanket.. coffeeeeee.. mp3.. fats.. bahiah.. 3 am.. sejarah.....
  44. Heart-to-heart talk in bwp's room with mdm shadd. my eyes strolled along the faces of my fellow colleagues.. very familiar these people were, their eyebags were similar to mine, as well as their tired and sleepy crumpled face, but still, they remained to be here with me, in the very same room. listening to what others had got to say. some were listening through closed eyes, some were still alert, while some were grumbling impatiently. we've been through so many things together, ups and downs, praises and humiliations, laughters and fights. i know whatever that'll come between us later, we'll remain to be brothers and sisters. and mdm shadd too, she stayed with us at times when even WE refused to stay together. i love them then, i love them now, and i love them always.
  45. ain ariffin's 506 table. you must be smirking at me right now. but what i wrote on you was nothing but the truth. nothing's changed. one day will come when i'll be able to get over 'it', but not now.
  46. 18th april 2008, spontaneously belikan five vanilla icecreams mcD kat kiosk for those yg line up dkt atm machine kat fair, hahaha FIVE je for all. sneakily mintak dorg kongsi2 pulak tu. adoila, tu je yg termampu. haha. i'll remember that forever.
  47. ohh. ohhhh. one thing, sidol tegur for the first time ("ain.ok x bio tadi..?") dkt counter koop dpn kak pah, and i was like.. stuttering stupidly bcz he seemed SURPRISINGLY friendly, frankly said i was kind of intimidated by this 'sidol' guy b4 tht, entahla kenapaaaa. so thts my lesson- never judge a book by its cover. or, its review. haha.
  48. sung national anthem lagu negaraku tu dkt luar chemistry lab sebagai denda by mr kz cz dtg lambat. he even recorded us at it, fun weh. so much of a denda. ;D
  49. USHER. - muka tersipu-sipu malu kena suap dgn mdm shadd, class drama membebel pasal football (murah je suara emas dia hari tu), tidurrrrrr je dlm class but always being ignored. i think cz it didnt make much difference kot, whether he's awake or not.
  50. being the birthday cake carrier, a chance to look at the face of pure joy. :)
enough, for now.


muhammad fakhruddin said...

salam...seems a night full of memories,hehe^_^

niffira.nia said...

wslm. agak ah. haha. a part of me wanted to be left in peace so tht i cud get some sleep, but another part asked them to say. yikes. :D

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