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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

13th II




Situation #1

On our way from Nusajaya to Desaru;

It was initially a sunny Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately, driving out from Kota Tinggi after lunch, the weather changed abruptly - skies were dark clouds of heavy pouring rain, and soon enough, cars were trotting slowly, in both lanes. Hamka grumbled restlessly, saying how inconvenient it was, when it never seemed to rain when we're indoors, and finally when we're out and about, the rain decided to fall. I flashed him a sharp stare (That's what big sister does) :D. Ah well, I flipped through the FM channel searching for certain decent signal when I came across a somehow familiar voice of Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah.

"Dapat, buat, ingat. Bukan dapat, ingat, buat, " he said. I fumbled a little upon his words, but I urged myself to listen, and so I did. He talked how we, never seem to practice the knowledge we received. Some people go to motivation camps, be totally inspired, but then keep on reverting back to bad old habits. What makes us forget?


As simple as that.

Kita DAPAT..
Kita INGAT..
Tapi lumrah Manusia memang Pelupa,

So the little trick here is,

Kita DAPAT, kita BUAT dalam tempoh 48 jam. Insya-Allah kita INGAT.

That's that, and it's a mere theory by him. A good one, but it made my mind flashed back to one recent, fresh memory of a woman who taught me the lesson, for real.
She is no Dato'. Nor a Dr.
She is my mother.

Situation #2

In our tiny, humble little kitchen;

A relative of ours was going to come by today, and quite a lunch was planned. Mum and me went to the wet market first thing in the morning, so by 11 am, preparation were perfectly ready to roll. I was assigned to prepare one of the two main dishes of the day, either a Fish Curry or a Crab Meat Soup. Since the soup is my all-time favourite meal, but I've only prepared it once and not really good at it, I chose it without any hesitation. Ohh, and mind you, it's for TWENTY people. >.<

And so I started things and recalling back the ingredients in my mind, THIRTEEN okay - thirteen ingredients needed, in sequence, one by one. I know I've memorised it by heart now.
While I was adding this and that, stopped here and there, and grumbled in tiny mums several mistakes, Mum, who was just beside me, with her curry, gave me this (?) look.

I ignored her. :D

She scurried passed me, and came back seconds later with a little piece of paper in her hand - list of all the ingredient, and yes, in complete sequence. She asked me to drop all the memorising, and just do it first - "Look at the mixture, not into your head," she said.


Dapat, Buat, Ingat.

Well, at last I managed to get it done, and yes, excellently (since the whole thing was eaten without leftovers) . Hehehehe.

And the best thing was, I enjoyed it!
Anddddd, once I tried again to recall it, I did so without any problem, plus my mind was 'photographically-assisted'. If you know what I mean.

I figured out that focusing on cooking, rather than on the list, was unarguably easier.

Thanks Mumma. You're the best.


*adibalala; said...

this is good.
one should bear it in mind.
and yess haha.

practice byk2, especially maths.

niffira.nia said...

ohh yea yeaaa! :) oh maths.

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