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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

13th I


Finally, after much patience and restraining, here I am again.

There's so many things I'd love to share, and a few mental notes had been taken frequently lately for them to be shared here.

But before that, I can't leave Johor Bahru unattended just like that can I?

Well, pleasant, and cool, will give this place justice. Indeed, crap things happened once in a while ; falling railings, obnoxious internet provider, scooter crash, financial indecisions, kmb awakenings, and so on and so forth. Despite all these, decent things happened, too, and I can proudly say that I've learnt at least one lesson from all the 'crap' mentioned before. Life has its own funny way of learning.

The particular place I'm living in is the area of Bukit Indah, Nusajaya, where commercial hub is currently being developed here and there, everywhere. The nearest town would be Nusajaya, with its new administration city and Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah, both less than 10 minutes of drive. Well-facilitated, generally a nice neighbourhood to live in. I vaguely aware of anything else.
But I need to mention here how moving, packing and repacking were absolutely one hell of experience! My feminity had been slightly challenged, if you know what I mean, with all the little heavy boxes I couldn't carry - now I know for sure, without question, that men are slightly stronger. All this while for me, it's merely an abominable notion. :D

Hamka, on the other hand, is experiencing quite awkward and 'disjointed' days. :D
The scooter crashed, again, and it's him this time. I'm telling you, that thing meant to give us both scars and bruises and life lessons since the very first day it'd been purchased three years ago. First, keep your path straight and ignore any dumb cyclist. Second, never lie and make up stories and go outside of your 'perimeter' without legal license. Third, never spare a crazy dog your pitiance if it ever gets into your way - Hamka, if I have the chance to choose between 'Dog', and 'Guess', I'll pick the latter. Hehehe.

13th - notably the exact 13 days before KMB registration day on the 23rd. The forms and all basic necessities had been settled, so I guess there's not much for me to do except than hovering around a little while longer and make the best out of these 14 days. I planned to get a new laptop before this, since my 'ancient' compaq presario is painstakingly slow, frail-looking and immensely outdated! It turns out it'd been a while since I last sent it for service, so it's not really a surprise to discover the poor thing in such a pitiful state after all. I've sent it just now, and it looked as good as ever. So I think neither Acer Aspire nor HP Mini is going to be purhased soon. Perhaps a VAIO for passing the cutting-off point later in 2011 daddy? :D

Ohh, I'll write a new post. Another story won't survive it here. Fancy writing again. :))


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