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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5th I

It's wayyyy past midnight and I just finished the fifth chapter of Midnight Sun. Why ohhhh why it's only a week left for ib, i want to finish reading it first! Ugh, whatever. Later in the afternoon Ayah'll be going to Mount Ledang - apparently he organized a meeting there, in a resort-lah, mind you, not on the top of the mountain, so yeah, he's staying there overnight and he got all these 'dull' activities planned already, hiking and all, yadayada and he did NOT allow me to go! The reason for it was, it wouldn't be nice for other officers to see he's bringing her daughter along (mentang-mentangla meeting dia lah kan), no matter how desperate the kid wants to follow. He said it'll bore me to death and there's really nothing worth my anticipation pun, as the only thing he thought will trigger my anxiety out of the whole thing is the hiking, and the hiking alone!

Ah. The meandering path. Vivid greeeeeen. The fresh breeze. Vivid greeeeen. The history. Greeeeeeeen. The peak. The mist. Leeches. Chirpings. Snakes. ADVENTURE!

I rather die out of boredom, then alive and kicking;
than a total security here, ticking my days off in one hand.

Batting eyelashes tak menjadi. I still can't go.


fats. said...

leeches babe? i mean, have nothing against that.
seriously, its just the thought of having smthing crawling on you when you DUN EVEN KNOW IT, just freaks me out..

niffira.nia said...

at least I've got my blood sucked out. at least i'l scream, and "WHOA".

*adibalala; said...

Really Arian.
I thought leeches bagus apa.
It sucks the blood with bacteria.
haha. i have no idea what it is suppose to be named.

niffira.nia said...

it does? haha. terrifying though it seems, filthy bloodsucker. :D

p/s : 'Really Arian'. i consider tht as a compliment, haha.

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