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Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Caution; You don't want to read this.

We have to understand the world can only be grasped by action,
not by contemplation.
The hand is more important than the eye....The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.

-Jacob Bronowski

1. I couldn't agree more to his words. It's a good thing to think, but it'll even better to manage thoughts into action - my internal struggle at the moment. I want to do, but the willpower to start, that's the greater demand. I'm not the only one cursing myself for this, it's a human norm I guess. But does 'human norm' makes it a good enough excuse? To think without doing is useless, to do without thinking is terrible.

Situation #1 - Nak buat maths exercise minggu ni, tapi asyik delayed je? Janji dengan diri sendiri malam-malam bukan main, tapi takkkk buat buat jugak. Ape nak jadi ni. Lepas post entry ni, KENA BUAT tau tau. tsks.

2. Sometimes for me, (1)better something than nothing, no matter how small or feeble that something is. However when I think it through, won't it just be the same? The nothing, and the little something, I mean. Someone told me before, (2)Do or Do Not, there's no trying. I think there's where the little something came from - trials. Maybe I should stop doing this based on (1). As for (2), when I do something half-heartedly, it'll be called trying and I better do not do at all. So if I want to get it done, I better DO do - do it well, no lesser effort will be compromised.

Situation #2 - Jogging; kadang-kadang pecut, kadang-kadang jalan, menjadi ke workout routine mcm tu? Dalam hati cakap - "Daripada tak jogging langsung, okay ape." Akal jawab - "Kalau macam tu, tak ade beza la jogging ke tak. Jogging pun tak ade hasil ape-ape. "


fats. said...

oh yeah, the mind power struggle, well,

situation two: you see there's where you got it wrong, either walking or jogging, you're moving with extra effort with your body, so yes it does makes a difference.
the only reason you dun see the the difference is that sbb you are working out sbb nak kurus
bukan sbb nak healthy thats why bile takde difference you rase cam dah useless the workout.
the first situation: the mignight boost self motivation is a normal human drama but just think of ot this way, if you manage to start than im sure you'll have more drive to keep going then just to stop in the middle of the way.

niffira.nia said...

i know you'l understand this one. ngeee.

1. no, not wanting to be kurus, no. i kan gemuk. HAHA. seriously. what i need more above others is my stamina, and i'm sure you'll remember how i'll ended up panting if i dont. haven't leya told you my decision to join u two in basketball nanti? :D

2. there, there it is - 'to start'. I can't keep on going just yet, and neither can I consider stopping, if I hadn't even take the first plunge. Grrr.

fats. said...

if thats the situation then there's sure to be hell for me and leeya, shit...
stuck with the spectacled monkey again..

niffira.nia said...

bless you, hahahaha!

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