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Tuesday, June 16, 2009



I was halfway through my LONGGGGG entry for today, but I decided to put on hold that one particular topic because I have less than 5 minutes before 12 midnight struck in and I want to be the man of my words. Ceh.

I've been writing for an hour you know, but it was barely completed. I've no regrets, I'll save it for later, hehehe. Oh, by the way, I had a busy day.

Busy - Midnight Sun, sorting through piles and piles of clothes to be packed, Midnight Sun, evening 'walk', Midnight Sun, google verbs nouns prepositions, Midnight Sun, Blogspot.

Heck yeah, busy, indeed.



fats. said...

tak paham.. T_T

humbleServant said...

english anda sgt hebat
ingin mencontohi anda
next kmbians erh?

niffira.nia said...

fats - i meant to say, 'busy'. see the quotation mark there? haha.

humbleServant - my dear, strictly speaking, it's mediocre english i'm using. nothing impressive :) yeah, i am. see u pretty soon :)

umai said...

wah br nk pack brg ke??
hihi..i already pack my things..last 2 weeks i started pack my things..yela br kuar biar je brg dlm beg...just tmbh2 brg je..
n guess what...i will bring 2 large begs...haha...2 pillows n of course baldi..pnyapu..mop...haha..byk gler..

niffira.nia said...

umai - HUIYO. mop! wahh, bagus bagus. hehe.

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