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Friday, October 16, 2009

a getaway.

Have you ever feel of having so many to tell, yet you don't really know where to even start, so you'd be better off to not telling any at all?

Futsal & Kasukma, of Goals and Glove, SPR & Election, Mornings & Nights, Al-Insyiraah & Ad-Dhuhaa, Tests & Re-tests, Lab Practicals & Lab Practicals, You & You. How interesting my life had been.

Lately, I've been made to think and reflect about lots of things. To tolerate winning and losing, to know when to listen and when to actually speak. To not care, then regret it back. To respect differences and practise acceptance. To have faith in good deeds. To take a good look at hearts, not looks.

I'm not saying that I'm trying to be a saint.

World isn't about contemplation, it's action; one might say.
You can have a heart of gold, but so does a hard-boiled egg; says another.

So does it matter to anyone if you take the time to think and reflect on your mistakes in an effort to be a better person? Will our actions be the only justification of who we truly are? Will there be no second chances at all?

Questions only a few will answer.

Well anyways. Back to the ground. It's another getaway for me, and it'd never feel this good. Ntahla, pening sikit minggu ni kot. Suka sangat tertinggal barang, ish ish ish, itulah, inilah. Tadi ade Excel meeting, and I've signed up for the 2nd Cambodia Trip. I know I wanted to do this, and surprisingly it's not too hard to convince the '2 Bosses'. I wasn't expecting that. Hehe. Maths and Econs were both accelerating at full speed, and I'm tagging along behind them in a not-so-composed manner. I actually went for afternoon futsal training not for CAS hours but for the fun of it.

Well, see? Ups and downs. And it happens all the time. :)

p/s : the 136th post, and knowing someone's counting along. :D


zat said...

cerite je la sgale2nye haha..
jgn sbb that someone ur post jdk limited =)

niffira.nia said...

it wont be :D

zat said...
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