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Friday, September 25, 2009


So many to tell.. so little time.

Raya's cool. Not so much of duit raya this time around, but who cares?

Rombongan merisik datang esok.. tapi which teratai? haha.

Veeeeeerrryyyyy interesting experience of hospital attachment.

Went to O&G(Obst&Gynae)Dept., E&T (Emerg&Trauma), Orthopaedic, and Paediatric wards.

Alone, and barely 2-feet from full-fledged surgeons, MOs, and Housemen in OT for four operations;

Caesaerean operation - just a common one. the MO (med officer) was light and easy, dalam OT gelak2 je. She's nice to meeeeeeeeee.

Tubal Ligation (cut and tied fallopian tube) - this one was a little bit bizarre. cant tell here why. :S

laparoscopic surgery - four surgeons. modern technology, skills required, but a little bit dull. small incision je.

Gunshot operation - A 15-year-old boy, accidentally shot by his grandmother while hunting, thought to be a wild boar. This is TOTALLY bizarre. Bullets from the local-made rifle scattered into tiny little pellets in his left leg and they were about 20 sth of them. It was in the local news that morning and I was damn lucky enouggggggghhhhhhh to be a part of that surgeryyyy weeee. :D btw, they managed to remove only 14 and you should seee how they did it! BIZARRE. The chief surgeon, Dr. Rolland, was a super nice guy, i can't thank him more for giving me the chance.

nak bagitau lagi, tapi i'm out of time. maybe later.

p/s : assignment tak siap-siap lagi. next week balik dah. huhu. macamane ni, ade 7 tahun lagi. nak jadi doctor like, now, can't i?


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