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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Journey VI - The Rindu List


Okay, it's 24th Dec, I know. Barely 2 weeks left for college, I knoww. Less and less time for holiday, and this so-called free time should've been enjoyed to the max; I KNOWWWWW - but I MISS MY FRIENDS.

Tau tak tadi pegi spent time the whole day from 1pm till 7pm kat CS JB tuuuuu tengok Avatar yang sumpah best, beli wedges pastu popcorn ngan pepsi yang LARGE combo tuh yang last-last tak habes tuh plus SEJUK GILER dlm cinema terpaku kat seat tengok the Omaticayans flew flawlessly dengan Ikran masing-masing the dalam hati cakap nak satu boleh tak, pastu gi 'window shopping' la sangat, last-last ended up beli jugak satu top like wth -.-" yea it seemed pretty much interesting huh kan, except for the part that I was all alone. ceh, rase macam pathetic pulak tibe-tibe. No, seriously. I felt that way.

Ugh. You see, I just moved in here. JB feels painfully, awfully foreign for me. I have no friends nearby, none at all. well yea, so i went here and there, eating whatever i desired, buying whatever i wanted. fine, it made me happy for a while, but not for long. balik rumah, Hamka ade tuition la blahblahblah, ma ngan ayah, well; they are always around, but i practically went straight into my bedroom, so yeah. alaa cane ha nk cakap. my parents ok jer, dorang yang ajak turun downstairs makan sama-sama and stuff, ajak keluar and yadayada, and im okay with it, but entah. it's not the sameee. rase macam.. ugh. i just need someone here, around me. someone like a friend. like a sister or something. someone i can lepak with in my bedroom with me - someone i can smack with my pillow or something, shriek over some guys, stalked the entire blogosphere with, or eat junks with, or sing songs, or, or or wtv! sumpah sunyi seh. T.T

Okay. So here it goes; this is totally, totally random okay - my girlfriends whom i toooootally adore, who came up into my life, be my coolest bunch of partners-in-crime, and those who were pretty much sisters to me -

kak Annaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa; still ur Lilo here huh, remember. Ni la, teman sejati zaman-zaman scooter-ish ku dahulu. ahaks.

IJMs people - u know who u girls are; kalau nak story, tak dapatnye nak story sorang2. satu clan pun tau, hahaha. zie.. eka.. sobs. :( kuyaaa

Meera. Sayang ini budak :) Haih.

Kak Syuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu; Aaaaa. Dia niii, dgn dia la saat2 genting dkt2 nak spm uh. hers la. ingat tak revise sejarah malam nak periksa tu, hahaha. spm kott! kat apartmen lak tu, hahaha. ingat tak how u smacked my pillows, then u jumped up and down my bed pukul 2 pagi and we taped it but somehow i dunno where the recorded vid tu skrg. grrr. and how we belasah pokok palma dpn tangga nak lekat2 kat kertas minyak birthday najah tuh, haha. and how u pinjam-ed my track bottom and my shirt andddd my bag for ur santai spm thing, and people thought it was me? and how we tergolek-golek depan tangga for a reason not to be told hereeeee, haha. I MISS YOU!

Kak Dija! Ngeee. Orang ingat lagi, i thought ure sgt strict. Ketattttt. aww, i was wrong. u are totally sweeeeeet, naive sedikit, dan gelabah juge. u and kak syu make a good mixture, hahhaa

NAJAH! dia iniiii.. dia and kak syu were my roommate tumpang back in f4, when they're, well, form fives. she's random. VERY THE. aww ;) mane amusing musings skrg.. post la. huhu. Sisterhood of the Travelling Musings, haha. i love her. she spoilt me alot. she sent me off masa last day f4, and uh. at one moment, i wondered how i'll survive my senior year without her, kak syu and kak dija. najah, dgr la ni. bace la. despite ur randomness and ur big words, ure still pretty comprehensible for me and omgggg i missyouuuuu :((((

Fatso. Fatsie. Fatin. WTV. Wannurfatin, she's the most loyal. Kan fats kan. You're the most selfless friend one can ever have. I can always turn to you, one thing i'm sure of. My roommate in f5. Hah. Macamane la, see. how fate twisted itself? I DONT KNOW YOU in f4. now, u are the closest to huggable teddy bear for me. Remember when i told u about *ehem* him? When i told you, if the person is gonna ended up being you, then only it'll be acceptable for me. mainly because, it's YOU. i'll hand him over, willingly, to you. hahahahaha

Liyana Athirah Ruzaimi, well well welllllllllllll. If it werent for you, calling me on my way to board the plane that sunny day, heh. we might not know where we stand now, cehh. ;D leya, do i really need to say more? you ARE my check and balance. eventhough u and fats werent really successful in dragging me to basketball court back in langkawi and now kmb, well. u gv me quite a few reasons why bein fit, and exercising, are important. so u contribute to my futsal career lah my dear, hahahhaha. lawak giler do. but it cannot lawan that time when my mum called u, hahaha freaky that was. but hey, remember when we were in tl13 with sri and fats. our pillowtalk - the three of you, u guys are my sisters for life. huhu.

Nabilah Aziz. Haaaaa. Her. The girl who took the shortest time to be my favourite. :) One second we were strangers, and another - there u got it. ERR I have no idea how it happened, but almost everything fell into place as i got to know her. Ntah, baru berapa bulan jer, rase mcm dah kenal lamaaaaaaaaa. she sort of know whats in my head! even those that i dont really want anyone, or her, to know. but im getting used to it, so.. XD. die ni macam mak kadang-kadang, garanggg. Sometimes macam kakak, protective. Sometimes macam adik, ngegeh(?), haha. It feels weird not having her around, now. Rindu bangunkan awak pagi-pagi. Rindu awak panggil kite Nyenn Nyennn tuuu hahaha. T.T iloveyou missy. and u know i really mean it.

Well.. pheww. I didnt intend this post to be THIS long, but heck, wtv, like i care. :D

These people above, are very, very dear to me. Some of them, I would even take bullets for. As much as I'm concern, they are family as much as they are my friends. Eventhough not all of them are around me, right now, some even i lost contact with - well, when they came into my life, and then we grew close.. everytime each of them leave, it feels like there's a part of me missing. Empty.




syu rahman said...

heyh! aen! u takyah post kat blog nie pon i dah tau u miss me. sapa yg tak love me kan? hahahaha~ back to memory plak! gagagaga=p eh, i nk ur ym. kasi lah? i pun tgh cuti ni~ ada dtg kl tak? ngeeeeeeeeee~ miss old times**i miss d time. nt d blogger! ahhahahahahahah**mind my EVIL laugh lol =p

fats. said...

babe. i miss you jugak. u hang in there ke? we'll have more crying2 sessions nanti blk kmb. sem 2 is gonna be tough and we'll need all the support we can get. :)

niffira.nia said...

ehhh kak syuuuuu. kite da ade kat friendlist awak laaa, cuba check! huhu T.T, tak.. taktau bila turun kl. im off to sgapore 2mrw, dunno sampai bila. sobs. u takecare there. jenguk2 la orang kat kmb ni haa. :D

yes, fats. kmb's bearable, as long as we hv each other. ngeee :)

QwertyBlitz said...


niffira.nia said...

ape hehe hehe? nak kiter listkan nama awak gak ker fazmi. hahaha :D

Anonymous said...

2 see how a friend value you
is 2 see by how she value her other friends

u r priceless, simply said
for other thing else there is Mastercard

niffira.nia said...

oh Anonymous. Declare yourself XD.

Anonymous said...

how come ur tyme continuum pelik sgt?

niffira.nia said...

what do u mean by my tyme continuum.. exactly?

niffira.nia said...


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