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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Journey VII


A post from a Friend, to a Friend. (and yes, we never have enough of each other hahahaha)

Reasons why I love Aen:

1. Her mom makes the wickedest kuih lapis Sarawak. I've never had anything more delicious than this, and surprisingly my vividest memory of us together is when we were in your room, Aen and you were picking off the mould from the cakes so we can still eat the good parts. :D

2. She dedicated a paragraph about me in her blog and so I quote: "NAJAH! dia iniiii.. dia and kak syu were my roommate tumpang back in f4, when they're, well, form fives. she's random. VERY THE. aww ;) mane amusing musings skrg.. post la. huhu. Sisterhood of the Travelling Musings, haha. i love her. she spoilt me alot. she sent me off masa last day f4, and uh. at one moment, i wondered how i'll survive my senior year without her, kak syu and kak dija. najah, dgr la ni. bace la. despite ur randomness and ur big words, ure still pretty comprehensible for me and omgggg i missyouuuuu :(((("
Darling, I'm not random anymore (I'll elaborate on this in a later post). 'Amusing Musings' is now with either Syu or Farah I can't recall, but I suspect the former. And you managed beautifully without us :) and I miss you more!

3. And she wrote my name in CAPITAL LETTERS! (see quote in paragraph number 2)

4. She was a heavy influence on my F5 playlist, I still have the video of us three singing along to SO7's Kisah Klasik. :) She introduced me to Mocca & Corinne Bailey Ray's Like a Star (like her).

5. She's just her, Aen. Vulnerable yet strong, very independent. A person who knows what she wants. I've always known that you're made for something great so go make it happen alright. :)

You bring all the good memories of debate back to me. Be careful as to never let anything kill you yes? (especially college). And you're entitled to reblog this. AND BRAG ABOUT THIS DEPAN SYU HAHAHA.

- KAK SYUUUU! SEE THIS? SHE LOVES ME MORE, SEE! haha. Najah, well said. I'd give you a tight ENORMOUS teddy bear hug if you're here. No worries, we'll do just fine. Only time can tell when we'll be seeing each other again, but till then, there's always Facebook. (Check your Live Feed for me okayh, hehe)


What would you do if this one particular thought fills your head? Nothing but that. It floats, it floods. It made your pillows a muffler, it twirls you in your own blanket at night. It numbs your pain, it makes you laugh. You do not need sleep, it keeps you alive. Every single, small detail matters. And your heart sees what eyes couldn't.

I'd say - a complete cuckoo, indeed, isn't it? Creepy.


syu rahman said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! apakah ini???!!! apakah ini???!! APAKAH???!!!
**hish! korg ! sajer jerr~~~
alah. the book is with me. tyme i emo2 i flap thru~
cait korg. **Sobbing again~

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