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Saturday, March 27, 2010


  1. addicted to mentos mint. thinks mentos rainbow sucks cz it's too sugary and crappy.
  2. i slept siang tadi then mimpi pak lan. i said HI PAK LANNNNN! dalam bas and lepas bangun baru ingat ade one email dia i haven't reply. That's why he appeared in my dream kot, haha.
  3. I have few dates to be remembered.. 28th March, and 6th April - ingat!
  4. Tadi karok dgn kathy, hahahaha
  5. Want new contacts and new glasses. -.-"
  6. Dreading SEM 2 exam.
  7. loves her besties.
  8. sleepy.
  9. bored.
  10. longing.

P/S : can't u see how bored i could be.


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