niffira.nia's: My Starfish Story.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Starfish Story.


I breathe in
this sandy air
feeling the wood
beneath my foot
with this dim light i write
of words with might.


Sunlight is pouring its ray today
showing the way
giving hope it may
to these people
people of Khmer.

We came
We saw

Of lives so low
of faces never know
what life could've been
what life should've been.

I came
I saw

of little souls shouting for more
of little feet scrambling for sweets

Running in dirt
breathing in dust.


Hearts I couldn't feel
tears I couldn't shed

Of dusty pavements
and sandy roads

Of cows and goats
scarves and shawls

I'm asking you now,
What do you seek?

Young lady, can you even see
the worth of life you've foreseen?


A person is like stained-glass window.

It shines and sparkles
when the sun is out;
but when the darkness sets in..

true beauty is revealed only when there is light from within.


She is silk so fine
Milk against wine.

to look upon
is to wish,
hope on

She is centuries of history
years of tragedy
beauty of ancestry
oh why,
oh why.


Black veil upon my eyes
slipping across the skies
the skies of the last
Juminik's evening lies.

? - trying to make life less miserable.

This is my starfish story.


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