niffira.nia's: SEM IV Post-Prologue

Monday, January 3, 2011

SEM IV Post-Prologue

A letter I received, welcoming me for all the things that'll come ahead; a warm embrace from a dear little friend.

Dear Ain,

Welcome to the Fourth Semester. KMB has been a lifetime of its own, and it’s gonna end here. That’s exaggerated, but you know it’s not as big a bubble as you think it is. Your WHOLE life is depending on it, baby. No one’s gonna care whether you slept or not the entire night, whether you’ve eaten decent meals for the day; no one. All they gonna say, all they gonna do, is to judge every single effort you make by a single result – IB 2011’s. Hence do what you have to do. You’re nearing 20, you should know well enough by now what actions should be taken and what’s not. But like any other kid, I guess you need a little bit of reminding. Study hard, baby. Just don’t give a damn. At the end, it’s YOUR freaking life, not any others’. You know who you are. You know you couldn’t be happy with what you’re doing unless you know you actually WORK hard for it. Study smart. Find the most effective way of doing things. You know your strength, play with it. You know your weaknesses, tackle it, and turn it to your own advantage. Go and ask the teachers for anything you did not understand; it’s not a waste of time. Be polite to the teachers. Smile, and thank them every time. It’s knowledge they’re passing, you owe them that. Be true to them, and if necessary, just tell them what the hell your problem is with the things they taught. As in the matter of heart, shut the negative things away. Whatever brings sorrow to you, forget it in an instant. That’s important. Don’t dwell. Savor the moment; you’re not getting it back. It’s now or never. But if it in any way hurts you, or pained you, forget it. Don’t let things get at you for now. You need to have a clear mind. Well don’t be completely barbaric; you’re not gonna shut it away, no. Shutting your heart on something’s like shutting a window of a poorly-ventilated house. Just hold it for now. Be happy with whomever you’re with, baby. Be happy with them. Don’t give up on your day just for one FREAKING incident. For all you know, it’s no big deal. You’re thinking on it too much – and it’s not even worth it. Stay out of fights, be understanding. Whenever you feel pissed off with someone, or something, just take a deep breath okay? And yes, things gonna be okay. You’ll make out of this IB thing alive, and have a happy ending. Every story does, and yours is of no exception. You just need to DO your thing. And be humble to Allah. He’s the God you believe in, and the God for all things you believed in. He can be exclusive if you choose for it that way and He can be not. You have worked hard enough up till this point, but really, this path has been laid out by Him. He knows you gonna do it this way, that way; and He grants you in a deserving way. It’s basically what you do, baby. Do it, and you’ll get it. That’s the rule of the Universe, with only one exception – if you don’t get what you want, it’s only because you’ve underestimated your own self, and hence better things are in line. This isn’t some pick-up line trying to make you feel better, like some people might assume it is. I can’t tell you that’s the truth either, ‘cause we have to reach the end of this whole waka-waka thing to figure it out, haven’t we? But it’s a pity not to have faith in some things, things like this. And try; try speaking only of the good things; anything but lies and deceit. Be honorable, be good. Be patient. Be true.

Goodluck Ain.


syu rahman said...

alhamdulillah. im glad u have a good fren deary! :") good luck sayang! stdy smart, pray hard! Insya Allah, may He ease ur way. ameeenn :)

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