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Sunday, January 2, 2011

SEM IV Prologue

Hey there everyone. Assalamualaikum.

I don't wanna mention "It'd been a while now", but yes it has.
I'll deactivate my Facebook account in 24-hours time, till the end of IB, that's May 2011; InsyaAllah I'll be there.
Until then, they'll be embedded here - emotions, thoughts, ideas, fears, anxiety (saving the hassle of your news feeds with moronic statuses).
My mind is a scary place to be, wondrous. Might be harmless, but it really depends on how far you would wanna dwell with it.
Suit yourself.
My purpose of writing is not to satisfy you, nor to make you get me.
Rather, just to write, write in every plain sense of the word.

So tadaa. Or what Dumbledore would've said, "Twit-pip."
Sem IV, the final semester. I can't play strong and deny that it gives me goosebumps. It's high time I'm giving you another chance to accompany me in this great journey, Niffirania. I've abandoned you long enough. Hot and cold.
Let's take IB down, for good.

Remember the people. Their faces, their very acts.

"Life's a stage, and we're the actors; all dressed up to play."



AxL Farhan said...

yeah, lets take IB down~

kaleidoscope.eyes said...

YESH. We iz gonna rock sem 4, Insyaallah :)
Good luck, Ain!


niffira.nia said...

Ohhz yeszz. Wez izz gonnahz takezz IBzz downzz alzrightz, AxL Farhan & kaleidoscope.eyes :)

p/s : IB's Jabberwocky, beware. Have you had the Vorpal sword with you? Or haven't you noticed the 6 impossible possibilities just yet?

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