niffira.nia's: Wind of June.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wind of June.


It had been a while since my last post. Amidst all its drama, I've finished IB for good. Two years had once seem so long and it'd passed as swiftly as yesterday's breeze. I haven't been writing much. Dad got me a new bookshelf for my books, it's white and I loved it. I'm up to something now.. and I'm anticipating some results. I don't feel like doing much, it's one month away from the awaited results and I'll deal all that I have to deal later. I'm waiting patiently for my wires, plugs and switches to move me to write something, anything on the ending of IB, but really I couldn't. To contain all that I've felt in one blog entry doesn't seem to do it justice, maybe that's why. Or perhaps I'm just lazy.

Honestly; I've never dared myself to walk blindly like this. Follow the flow, swim alongside the current - whatever you call it. I realize placing a few rationalization process behind closed doors has given myself the space (and excuses) to do what I have to do. A subtle way to put the blame to no one (not to me) but situations. I wonder if that's acceptable. I'm not playing a goody-two-shoes for anyone. Perhaps I'm fleeing myself from the possible guilty conscience in near future. So I can say, "Hey. That's never my intention!" And hence, naturally be excused.



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